Frequently Asked Questions

What is AceLancer?

As professionals in their own fields of expertise providing top class deliverables, we call these freelancers and independent contractors more aptly as AceLancers with 'Ace' better reflecting their professionalism that would be trusted by their returning clientele.

Can I use the same email to create accounts for both parties (Employer and AceLancer)?

No, each email will be registered only to one unique party, either as an employer, or as an AceLancer.

I'm finding an AceLancer. How do I know which one to trust and accept?

These AceLancers are required to fill in their portfolio with relevant skills and information before requesting for a job. If their portfolios are deemed to be insufficient, you can use the in-house chat function to communicate and also know more about the AceLancers who have applied for your job. Note: In the next version, we will implement rating systems that will make top AceLancers stand out.

I'm finding an AceLancer. How do I know who requested for my job?

After an AceLancer have requested for your job, you will be notified via email, as well as in the website/application itself.

I'm an AceLancer. How do I know if the Employer has accepted or rejected my job request?

Upon your job request, the Employer will opt to reject/accept your request, or, to further discuss the terms with you via the in-house chat function. A 'Followed Job List' section is also set up to allow you to check on the status of a job that you have 'followed'.

Is there another way for Employers or AceLancers to take discussions further which involves more people for diverse opinions?

Definitely. We have a forum located at the top of this page. Over there, AceLancers can network, make contacts and form groups to take on sophisicated projects.