10 Tips for Going Freelance for the First Time

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10 Tips for Going Freelance for the First Time

Postby N.Nicholas » Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:07 am

Freelancing for the first time will always be a difficult start, but let these tips help you overcome that hurdle!

Don’t Undercharge
Always charge enough to at least cover your costs!

Don’t Burn Bridges
Previous employers can be repeated customers as they know you already and know the quality of work you can produce.

Go to meet ups and find local businesses and other developers and designers you can tag-team with. You will find yourself as their go-to person whenever there's a project that requires mixed skills.

Talk at Events
Another way of networking. Be noticed at meet ups and become an authority. People will talk to you and find themselves wanting to work with you.

Share Your Burdens
Don’t over promise and under deliver. If you can’t do it, refer it to friends you’ve made at meet ups for a referral fee and you will get the same treatment back.

Cash Cushion
Going freelance can be stressful and you need to have a comfortable amount of money which really helps.

Save for the Winter
Over the Christmas period it can get pretty slow as companies wrap up for the year. Save money as you may not always be in demand.

Remember the Taxes
If not you may be in trouble when those officers come knocking! You may want to get put aside a portion of your income for taxes and also hire an accountant for advice.

An accountant can also advise which of your business expenses are claimable.

Line Up Enough Work
Finally and probably most importantly, make sure you have enough work when you go self employed. Get a head start by lining up a couple of projects before you quit your day job!

Source: http://blog.teamtreehouse.com/10-tips-going-freelance-first-time

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