Effective Psychological Tricks To Attract More Freelance Clients

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Effective Psychological Tricks To Attract More Freelance Clients

Postby N.Nicholas » Wed Aug 23, 2017 4:04 am

Freelancers often focus on pitching their services and portfolio as a bid to win over potential clients. But pitching is more than just talking and presenting. There are ways to influence your clients into choosing you, and here are some tips on how to.

Make Your Prices More Attractive
Imagine you’re in store for a textbook. There are three options: A 160-page book for $5, a 200-page book for $7, and a 250-page book for $10. Which book would you buy?
It’s more likely of you to choose the 200-page book because people have a tendency to compare before making choices. In this case, the $7 option seemed quite a bargain compared to the others.
I’m not telling you to lower your rates. Not at all. That would have a negative effect and clients would think that you’re a fraud if you price your services cheaper.
However, you can use the psychology of pricing to beat your competitors and stand out from the rest of the freelancers. For instance, if someone offers to design a Logo for $5, you can offer to create a Logo + Free Revision for $5. It’s the same price, but with added value.

Persuade Clients To Give You The Job
Followings are statements from two different freelancers. If you’re looking to hire one of them, which one would you pick?
Freelancer #1 – “So far, I’ve designed over 30 websites for major brands and I run my own web design agency, but I only have one year of experience. ”
Freelancer #2 – “I only have one year of experience, but so far I’ve designed over 30 websites for major brands and I run my own web design agency.”
Both these statements contain the same words with only a slight adjustment in the arrangement. But, the statement of the Freelancer #2 sounds more confident and trustworthy because it doesn’t end on a negative thought.
Remember to avoid making the mistake of explaining your skills first and your weaknesses later. The arrangement of your words in your pitch can make a big difference.
Use strong words in your pitch that evoke positive emotions, like success, free, unique, instantly, and effective (hint: check the blog title).
Just be careful not to oversell yourself. Clients receive pitches from freelancers begging to get approved all the time. Sometimes, playing hard to get is the best way to get a client’s attention.
Because even though we are all grown up, we still want that something we can’t have.

Show Off Authority
Have you ever wondered why those popular business websites show off a list of site logos on their homepage featuring the blogs they were mentioned in or the awards they’ve won?
It actually has something to do with showing off authority. You are more likely to trust a company that was mentioned by Wall Street Journal, than their rival company that has zero mentions.
The same rule applies in the world of freelancing as well. A client is more likely to hire a person with 100 positive feedback reviews than a freelancer with 5 reviews.
So, no matter which freelance platform you choose, do everything you can to build your authority on the platform. Ask your clients to leave reviews, show screenshots of the big websites you’ve designed, include links and names of the blogs you’ve been published.

Exude Confidence
“I think I can do this job. If you can give me the job chance I will try to do my best .”
What do you think of that statement? Do you think that guy is confident about his skills and abilities? Would you ask him to design a high-profile brand logo?
No client wants to waste their time and money on someone who “thinks” he can or wants to “try” a job. Confidence is the key to building trust.
Having a strong character with a little bit of ego will help any freelancer to grab the attention of their clients and increasing their chances of getting approved each time they send a pitch.

Keep in mind, these psychological tricks may help you land more clients, but they won’t last long if you don’t have the necessary skills to deliver a job. So, it’s best if you work on improving your character and expertise before diving into freelancing.

Source: https://freelancinghacks.com/psychological-tricks-to-attract-freelance-clients/

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