9th September 2016

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen!

With the launch of AceLancer's website and mobile applications, an inevitable blog post is necessary to introduce ourselves, and commence the beginning of something revolutionary.

It might not be a new idea, with freelancing becoming socially acceptable many years ago, and the numbers are set to continue increasing as the economy and culture becomes more digitally connected every passing day. There are so many reasons for someone to become a freelancer, from having flexible work timing to earning side income (wait for our next blog post on the top few reasons why people become freelancers!). Companies or individuals are also looking to hire such people on a short term basis for small projects/assignments, which skips the tedious hiring process and still get the job done with maximum utilization on their expertise.

Some people call this the 'Gig' economy, with 'Gig' referencing to musicians such as rock stars who hold gigs to satisfy their fans, meanwhile earning that lucrative income from a sold-out stadium. These rock stars take the stage and set it as their own for that period of performance, similar to how freelancers accepts temporary projects which are done within their own environment. No one knows exactly how the 'Gig' economy will affect the real world ultimately, whether positively or negatively, but what we do know is that the demand for projects and freelancers are out there and increasing.

As such, AceLancer Bay aims to be the major platform in Singapore and the region that attracts league of professional freelancers and independent contractors to market their top notch services to individuals or companies. We also have a web-based forum for these AceLancers to network with one another where we endeavour to catalyse in our own way a movement of sort for the AceLancers community to start regarding freelance work not as a deviation from the norm, but as a viable career option in this new economy.

We hope to have all your support in our campaign which can only be beneficial to everyone! Do look forward to our next blog post!